What It Takes To Create A Healthy Society

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Health is one of the main considerations that judge the quality of living of the people. The success of any country or society is also largely depended on that. Therefore it becomes a prime responsibility of every citizen to take measures to implement good health standards within themselves and their children while the governing bodies also need to facilitate people to stay healthy. Following are certain steps that are needed to create a healthy society.
Regulations and awareness
Health regulations are very necessary for any society as health issues can arise with the ignorance or mistake of one or several people and which can become a threat to a whole community or country. For an instance if one does not upkeep the surrounding where he or she lives and if there are mosquito breeding places, the deceases caused by mosquitoes will not only affect such person. The threat of those deceases is on the whole surrounding community. Therefore regulatory measures on cleanliness, waste management and consumer regulations on the quality of food and products need to be created and implemented stringently. Awareness on the prevailing or possible health issues is also one main necessity of any society. There are periods where endemics spread throughout countries and unless people are educated on such the people will fall sick unnecessarily and that will cause a significant impact on the society. The social media is a very good means to spread awareness on how to lead a healthy life or on the prevailing or possible health issues as a larger community can be addressed at once easily though the same.

Right academic curriculum
School is where the children gain knowledge on array of things. Health science needs to be included in the school curriculum and both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject need to be taught well at schools. The knowledge on health need to be given to children since nursery school as the subject highly related to the day today lives of the people. The components that lead to live a healthy life can be very well taught the students at school. For instance if the students are compulsorily guided to engage in a sport owing to the physical and mental health benefits such can bring to the lives they will make it a practice of their lives to do a sport in their lives which can actually help to reduce the number of people with diabetes and cholesterol.
Health facilities
Apart from the shared responsibility of every citizen towards creating a healthy society, the governing bodies of the country, organizations, institutions also have a responsibility to provide sufficient health facilities to the people so that they can lead a healthy life and contribute the society effectively.

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