Treat Your Face For Glowing And Rejuvenated Skin

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With layers and layers of foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow, etc. the facial derma gets damaged. These chemicals and powders block pores, harm the natural oil layers, etc. As a fact, the once glowing and healthy skin, would look extremely dull, sagged and so on. Therefore, you need to take extra care of the facial skin, if you wish to look beautiful and younger. For that matter, getting a facial done, could be the best way to clear away the particles of the derma. Therefore, you should entrust it to cosmetic specialists, as this is the best choice that you would make.

When you step into a spa, you expect the ultimate treatment. Have you been curious about what the specialist does during a facial? If so, you’ve come to the right page, as here are some of the steps of pampering your skin:
i. Cleansing and examination
Clearing the skin of makeup, creams, etc. the cleansing process of the therapy would commence. Then with soft massage stroke applying the cleanser (e.g. cream, lotion, etc). Later, the cleanser is removed with a soft cotton swab. Afterwards, two moistened cotton pads would be placed on the eyes, while the professional examines the skin to decide the next steps.
ii. Exfoliate
The next step of the facial therapy in Singapore is to exfoliate using a cream, mask, peel or so on for exfoliation. Some of these products are left on the skin to open the pores to extra particles. Other methods of exfoliation include stimulating the skin manually or with a machine.
iii. Steam and extract
Depending on the type of exfoliator used, direct steam or moist warm towels would be applied on the face. It further deepens the exfoliation process. Thereafter, it helps the derma to start perspiring, allowing blocked particles and impurities to be removed. This is done either using an extractor machine or manually to avoid damage to the derma.
iv. Massage
Afterwards, massaging the skin is the next step of the facial treatment after using a highest quality bridal makeup, which may also extend up to the neck, shoulders and palms. Allowing you to a deeper relaxation mode, promoting blood circulation and hydrates the skin.
v. Applying the mask
Following the above step, a mask would be applied depending on the type of derma, to either remove the excess sebum in oily skin or replenish the moisture. While the mask is left on, you would get further massages on your hand and even up to your legs.
vi. Serum and final pointers
Lastly, a serum specifically used for the customer’s skin type would be applied before concluding the final touches. This balm helps conceal the treated skin and you should avoid direct contact of sunrays for at least 24 to 36 hours.
There are different facials that are available to customers, where some common features for treating the derma and refreshing it are followed. Therefore, all you’ve got to do is, lie down and relax, while your skin gets some revamp and way to breathe.

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