Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Your Office Kitchen Figure

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When doing interior design for the corporate space, it is hard to get the specific themes and décor that you like. Sometimes you hit jackpot and get everything your heart desires, but most of the time, you don’t. And one of the hard places to decorate is the kitchen in the office. It is one place you do not want to invest heavily in, yet it needs to look clean and spacious.
Giving off free coffee
One of the main items seen in the break room of successful companies is free coffee. One of the main driving forces of keeping people awake and focused, coffee is a luxury that must be afforded. Usually people tend to buy their own coffee, but it runs out and then your workers end up sleepy again. One of the practices that is seen in some offices is having a tea person around. Usually these people will provide tea or coffee as needed twice a day (brunch time and evening). Otherwise if you think this is an added cost to hire a person, have the dispenser. It is recommended to have a coffee dispenser that comes with the shelves for blends of coffee or tea, sugar, cream, sweetener, stirrers and cups and et cetera.
A coffee dispenser in the conference rooms with blackout curtains should have an indicator lighter. Or it is an accident waiting to happen.

Blinds and window covers
Most people usually go for regular blinds (plastic ones) or wooden blinds to have on the window for the break room. This is an area where you can reduce your electricity bills by utilizing the natural lighting so you do not need heavy blinds or blackout curtains (which are better off at the CEO’s office). Blinds are easier to clean and also replace and cost less than other window coverings.
Lunch tables
You must have at least one long table with benches or stools to sit on. You can have one large table or several tables that are smaller in size as well depending on your employee count. You can cut back on the expenses by going for stools instead of chairs as you can put more into the room and it takes up less space. The lunch table should be something that is easy to clean and be properly varnished so there will not be any spillage markings left.
Some of the critical appliances to keep in the break room are the microwave, kettle, napkin holder, refrigerator, television and a comments box. If you have the financial capability, provide some of the requested features that come up in the comments box.

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