Throwing An Epic Bachelor Party

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Ah, the bachelor party. It is one of the most infamous pre-wedding events that a man can go through. It is one that every man looks forward to, almost as much as the wedding itself. There have even been movies made about the debauchery that goes on at these events, like The Hangover and more. While the theme usually revolves around the groom himself, it is more a night for all the men involved in the wedding to be the filthy pigs we are proud to be. If you are the best man for the wedding, you are typically in charge of the organization of this epic night. It has to be one that everyone will remember either in crystal clear HD or as a drunken haze. You may also have to ensure that the groom to be is going to enjoy the night as well. This doesn’t mean you don’t get to mess with him, though.

Making a List, Checking It Twice

Probably the most important part of the bachelor party is the list of guests who will come to it. There are people who won’t get invitations in the mail that you will have to call and invite instead. The groom is the focus of the night so make sure that everyone who attends is someone he wants there. Go over the guest list for the wedding and the party with the groom and double check that he is okay with the people who are coming. If you really want it to look good, try to get everyone to wear bespoke suits when they come, tailored to absolute perfection so as to add an ounce of class to something that is going to be absolutely smashing.

Gonna Find out who’s Naughty and Nice

You also don’t want to bring along the other people who might ruin the night because they aren’t wearing the best clothing or because they are just plain weird. A good example of this is the groom’s weird 40 year old cousin Chad. You don’t need that nonsense turning the awesomeness of the party into something…strange. However, you can’t be rude and not include them either. Start the night off by going out to dinner and drinks, and then pretending like that’s the end of it.

Basically, keep it vanilla till the people who aren’t invited to the real thing go home afterwards. That’s when the fun begins. With the right amount of planning and preparation you should be able to have one of the most amazing, crazy and wonderfully memorable bachelor parties ever! Do try to keep the groom alive though. The bride will not appreciate marrying a corpse.

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