Planning For Maximum Efficiency On A Trip

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Some people pay a lot of money to go on trips abroad and then are completely disappointed when they do not get their money’s worth. Yes, sometimes the sites are genuinely disappointing or the weather is horrible. Too often however, the problem is with the traveller and not the trip. This is a classic case of not planning for maximum efficiency on the trip. Here’s how you can do so and get full value out of your trip.

Figure Out Why

If you haven’t decided why you want to take this trip, then there is no way you are going to enjoy it. Some people want to see a specific country or a city; they travel for the sites and the experiences. Some people go for the adventures and the hikes; they don’t care so much about the sites or even the country – a good trail will do. Others travel to get away from the hum drum life they lead at home; these individuals need a change in scenery, food and weather. Yet others travel to take a break; they need rest and relaxation, not a packed schedule.

Plan for Your Purpose

If you are all about site seeing, then plan for it. Figure out where you want to go (use the internet) and then book a place close by to stay in. If you want to go to Rinjani Mountain in Indonesia, there is no point staying in Bali; you will need to look into beautiful Lombok villas and resort. That way you are close enough to all the places you want to visit and you won’t waste time on transport. If your plan is to rest, then find accommodation far away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitans and look into retreats, cabins and other far off places that will be tranquil and quiet.

Have a Plan B

After you’ve planned and booked a place to stay in (say, Lombok villas) and you’ve figured out what to do with all your time, go ahead and make a plan B. This is so that if your original plan fails for some reason, you won’t be left twiddling your thumbs in frustration but be able to make use of your time somehow. For instance, if you were planning to sight see, then plan for a few places that are indoors like a show or a museum. That way, if the weather turns nasty you can always pull options from Plan B. If you wanted to stay in and snooze all your vacation but got stuck with noisy neighbours next door, find a café that’ll let you stay the whole day or simply ask them to move you.

This way you will never have to waste another vacation and you will always get the maximum value out of it.

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