Keeping Domestic Electrical Equipment At Optimal Functionality

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One of the biggest complaints by customers who purchase electrical equipment is that they break down after a few months into use. Few if any consider that the breaking down may be caused by their own misuse of the equipment; after all, no one reads the manual on care. Proper maintenance of equipment is the only way to ensure that they last for a long time. Otherwise you will be shelling out for a replacement before the year is out. Here is a list of common electrical equipment that we use around the house and how to care for them so that we get their full functionality for a long time.

Cooling the Air

The air conditioner is usually one of the most neglected units after being installed in a home. However, if you do not do an aircon chemical wash in Singapore at least once a year, dust can accumulate on its panels; animal hair and more dust can clog up the interior; and it will consume more electricity to do less work than it was supposed to. Air conditioners with an air purification feature suffer the most damage as it is very sensitive and will release air that is full of dust particles and germs, affecting your health and causing respiratory diseases. Make sure that you clean it yourself every week by dusting it and clean the insides by wiping with a cloth every month.

Removing the Steam

The steam exhaust over in the hob over your stove is yet another piece of ventilating equipment that receives scant attention. Much like aircon services, there are people who will clean it for you when you call. If you cook regularly, the exhaust will suck up all the moisture and oil drops that mix in with the steam. These will be deposited along the fan and the ventilation tube all the way to the opening outside. If you do not cook regularly, the ventilation tube and the fan mechanism will be covered with dust and cobwebs, all of which cause it to underperform. Clean it thoroughly once a month and have a professional service take it apart once a year to clean it and repair it.

Lawn Mowers and Gardening Equipment

Gardening equipment requires regular care. After every use, wash it in water and leave it to dry completely before you wipe it down and store it. Machines like lawn mowers can have pieces of grass sticking in small nooks that will later cause it to rust. Electric saws and other equipment will also need to be oiled regularly to prevent the machinery from grinding and rusting and dry them in the sun once in a while to avoid mould.

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