Human Food You Should Avoid Giving To Your Dog

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Your pet dog can easily be your best friend. That is because when you are at home they would be a constant presence next to you. No matter what you do they will strive to stay next to you. Therefore, in that case, it would not be uncommon for you to feed the dog the food that you are eating. For instance, when you are watching television more likely than not you would share your snacks with the dog. The same situation can also occur when you are cooking. Furthermore, dogs are also notorious for nosing through the garbage bin. But what many individuals fail to realize is that human food can be hazardous to dogs. Some food may cause simply stomach aches. But there are others that can be life-threatening. Therefore it is crucial for every dog owner to educate themselves about this hazardous food. This would not only help them prevent the dog from eating it. But they would also know the steps they would have to take if the dog consumes them even accidentally.


Many of us cannot imagine a life away from chocolate. Some people may even consider it as an essential food group. Therefore it is understandable that people would snack on this food item on a daily basis. But that does not mean you should share it with your dog. That is because chocolate contains a harmful chemical that can affect the essential organs of the dog including the nervous system. However, we understand that dogs sometimes lick the floor for tidbits. You should not worry about them ingesting minuscule amounts. That is because a significant amount of chocolate has to be consumed for them to require digestive disorders treatment in Singapore.

However, this rule only applies if the chocolate in question is milk chocolate. If the dog has consumed pure cocoa you should be extremely concerned. That is because it contains a significant amount of pure cacao beans. In that case, you should not attempt to give them inflammatory bowel disease centre. Instead, you should immediately take your pet to the vet. That is because this individual would have the equipment needed to induce vomiting.


Growing up we may have heard our parents telling us not to feed the dog table scraps. But more often than not we tend to not listen to them. But this can be a big mistake. That is because most of the food we prepare contains onions which are toxic to dogs. It not only damages blood cells. But it can also affect your companion’s kidneys.

Therefore make sure to think twice before giving your dog any human food.

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