How To Prepare Your Toddler For School

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For parents sending their toddler off to school may seem like the hardest thing that they will ever do. Apart from being overwhelming many parents also tend to worry about how the toddler will handle this transition after staying at home with a family member for the majority of their life. Thus, in order to ease the worries of these parents, the following guide will proceed to explore some tips that parents should follow in order to prepare their young ones for school.

Prepare But Don’t Over-Prepare

Many parents fail to consider the fact that they are dealing with young human beings, therefore, there is no point in overwhelming the child by preparing them months and months in advance for school. Instead, one should wait till there are only a few weeks left before the start day. Thereafter, the parents can mention school as an exciting place and when you are driving past the kindergarten you can tell your young one that they will be going there soon and that either mommy or daddy would walk them up to the gate every day. With such tidbits, the youngster would have something to look forward to and they would begin to get excited at the prospect of starting school.

Drop Off

Even if you are simply dropping off the youngster at a day care centre for children in Singapore there are several factors that one should keep in mind. For instance, parents are advised not to linger because this would make the separation harder for the young one. It is normal to expect a few tears but the parent should not be over-anxious about the drop off because the young ones easily pick up on their parent’s emotions and if the parents are feeling anxious it may cause the youngster to feel anxious as well. Therefore when the parents are dropping off their kids they should make sure that they are aware that you will be returning at the end of the day to pick them up but keep the goodbyes short and do not turn around no matter how much the child may cry.


Young ones need a routine, therefore, make sure to prepare a schedule before school starts and thereafter make sure to adhere to it in order to make the child feel more comfortable and at ease with this new situation.

Starting school is a milestone for both the parents and the youngster but one should make sure not to let their feelings overwhelm those of the child. Instead, they should strive to act in a calm manner in order to make sure the child is at ease with this new prospect.

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