How To Plan A Toy Story Themed Birthday Party

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Many of us may have sat with our children when they watched the Toy Story movies. Therefore you may now understand that this is not only a children’s movie. Instead, this is a movie which teaches both children and adult alike the joys of friendship and loyalty. Moreover, it also teaches us the joys that one would obtain by playing with toys and by keeping the magic real. Therefore if your child ever requests a Toy Story themed birthday party you would want to give above and beyond to grant this request. However, although you love watching the movie you may have never given a second thought about planning a themed party. Therefore that is where the following article comes in.

Create a Budget

Once you realize that you do not know how to execute this party you may immediately want to hire an event agency. That is because you believe these individuals possess both the knowledge and the experience that you lack. This may be true and there is nothing stopping you from hiring professionals. However, once you create your budget you may suddenly realize that you do not have the financial budget to hire professionals. But one should not worry. Furthermore, one should not attempt to clear out their wallets in order to plan this event.


 When you consider the invitations for this event you may only consider Woody or Buzz Lightyear themed cards. However, if you attempt to talk to an event organizer Singapore you would come to realize that there are many more options available. For instance, one would even be able to obtain a Slinky themed card. This could a fun card to send to children and it would also make them anticipate the event so much more.  Furthermore, in order to keep up with the theme one can ask the children to dress up as their favourite character. However, if you think that this would be bothersome for the parents to manage then there are alternative options available. For instance, you could ask each and every child to bring their favourite toy to the party.


 When it comes to decorations one must remember that the dominant colours should be red, yellow and blue. Therefore in order to be authentic one can attempt to purchase balloons of this colour to hang around the house. Moreover, you could also dedicate a separate table for the children to place their toys on when they arrive.

 Hence, if one strives to follow the aforementioned tips they would be able to have a truly authentic experience.

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