How To Plan A Destination Wedding

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While, some couples may have dreamt about getting married in the home town church where their parents married some others would have imagined their nuptials in certain vacation locations. This could be where you and your partner had an idyllic vacation early on in your relationship or even where you flew to celebrate your last anniversary. However, no matter the location one needs to understand that planning a destination wedding is different from planning a traditional wedding. Thus, the following article will proceed to explore certain tips that one should keep in mind when embarking on planning their perfect destination wedding.


This is the most important decision that one would make with regard to their wedding day as the location would determine not only the theme of the wedding but also the time and the budget needed to make it the perfect day. Thus, when picking a location one should first determine whether it complements aspects or monumental moments of your relationship. For instance wine lovers could opt to host the wedding in the Napa valley or even in the vineyards in Australia. However, if you wish to pick a location in the Asian region one can even opt to have a modern fairy tale themed all-inclusive photography packages.

Visit the Location

Once, a destination is determined it is crucial for the couple to take trip there in order to make plans and to organize vendors.  Therefore, the first step would be to locate a site for both the ceremony and the reception. Moreover, when picking these locations one should ensure that they are in proximity to hotels or inns for the guests to stay over. Once, all the locations have been finalized one would then have to move on to the vendors. If, the wedding is hosted in a hotel it is recommended for one to hire the hotel wedding planner as they would be aware of the local vendors that are capable of meeting your needs and preferences. If, one does not wish to hire a wedding planner they should do their research before meeting local vendors. Furthermore, before finalizing vendors it is crucial for the couple to talk to the florists and wedding videographer Singapore as such to determine whether they would be able to communicate with you and ensure that you view sample boutiques, videos of previous weddings and even plan a makeup and hair session in order to eliminate any unpleasant surprises on the day of the wedding.

Local Marriage Requirements

This in another crucial factor as the legal requirements would vary with each country. For instance some countries require the couple to reside in the country for a certain period of time before the big day. Therefore, ensure that you are aware of all these requirements and all the necessary steps have been taken to fulfill them.

Planning a destination wedding can be fun because it would be an adventure in itself therefore ensures that you take the time to enjoy the process no matter how overwhelmed you may feel.

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