How To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home?

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Can a dorm room feel like home? Absolutely! Here are a few tips to help you achieve that… 

  • Abandon the feeling of temporary – for the first step, stop thinking of your form room as a temporary place. This will only block you from making yourself at home here; and spending on it. Stop telling yourself it is a matter of months[Symbol]especially when it comes to your comfort. Buy that new mattress, see to the comfort of your body. Trust us; with how much you’re going to pushing the limits of your body and mind, comfortable sleep is a necessity.  
  • Adopt a few methods to make it more welcoming – how will your dorm room feel like home if it is not comfortable? So adopting a few comforts is vital. Apart from the mattress, it is also a great idea to opt for some extra pillows and rugs for the floor; making your body and feet warm on those cold mornings. Online feng shui consulting Singapore will tell you that having a plant or two in your home or dorm room has all sorts of benefits; including fresher air. If you can’t really care for a plant, opt for using an air purifier regularly instead.  
  • Bring in a few comforts from home – try to bring in a few significant treasures from your home when you move to the dorm room. The blanket or duvet that your grandma made you, the notice board you spent hours making, the photo frame of your whole family at a picnic…even your often forgotten (yet somehow) surviving succulent plant will be a great addition to your new home. If you are allowed to put up posters in your dorm room walls, then don’t forget to bring a few posters from home as well…! 
  • Make use of all parts of your room – without a doubt, you have only a little space to work from; so make the most of it. If you happen to be lucky, and have a balcony for your dorm room, consider installing a swing chair or hammock in there. Not so lucky? Take the advice of popular feng shui consultation services and put up a bird feeder in your window. A fan of flowers? Have a few potted plants on your window to make the room feel more like home.  You can learn more by visiting
  • Adopt the privacy policy – privacy is the one thing you might not get in abundance when it comes to dorm room; especially if your dorm mate happens to be nosy[Symbol]or prone to inviting everyone over. If you happen to have the space, consider installing a patrician; diving the room and allowing you more privacy. If your dorm mate likes to invite guests over, especially the overnight kind, have an agreement of letting each other know before hand. This will give you the option of sleeping else where.  

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