How To Keep Your Office Spotless?

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Are you running your own office or are responsible for the upkeep of the office you work at? Then you would know how much of a headache keeping the office spick and span is. You would also know how harshly criticized you would be if the office isn’t well kept and well maintained. If you are struggling to identify how best to get this job done, consider the options below and see which one will suit you the best.
Outsourcing to a Company
If you chose this option you will be outsourcing your office maintenance to a company which is specialized in this field and has the resources to do a good job. You can easily find a carpet cleaning in your town with the necessary resources and work ethic that suits your company. Since they have all the resources such as equipment pre-purchased and experienced staff, it is most likely to be cheaper than doing it in-house.
Hiring an Independent Professional
Rather than hiring a company, an independent professional offering cleaning services may suit you better, especially if you are running a small office. While companies have set rules and strict schedules, hiring an independent professional is more flexible, but still offers the same quality of service offered by a large company. However, if you have to clean curtain glass fifty storeys up, hiring a cleaning company with the massive equipment becomes mandatory, primarily for safety reasons.
Employ Janitorial Staff
While hiring an outside person is easier due to reduced paperwork and the hassle of maintaining staff and equipment, employing janitorial staff in-house gives you full control of the maintenance schedule. They will also be available at your beck and call making it easier to work with and convenient during an office emergency. However, this also means the added expenses of purchasing the equipment, cleaning supplies, uniforms plus the added human resource management segment.
Do it yourself
This does not mean you start scrubbing the floors at the end of each day, rather hire staff in one of the above three methods, but make sure to overlook and supervise the activities of the day. A factor most people forget and overlook is how important the minor staff is. They have access to all rooms and offices of the building and hear most things that go on as they are trained to blend into the surroundings. This makes them both an asset and a threat. Properly supervising the activities will make sure the power they enjoy is not misused. Also, if you have the time, and your employees have the same, promote keeping their office spaces clean on their own accord rather than depending on the cleaning staff.

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