Characteristics That Makes A Professional A Great Swimming Instructor

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There are many people in an individual’s life that becomes the reason for their success or failure. Apart from the immediate circle of parents, grandparents, cousins, etc. teachers and sports instructors plays a major role too. Therefore, if you child or teen meets supportive teachers or instructors, the path would be a better one. So, if your child is fond of swimming, you could enroll him or her. At present, there are many public and private swimming clubs, associations, instructors and more. Therefore, it might be overwhelming to choose the best option that caters to your child’s interests and needs. With that said, there are certain characteristics that makes these professionals great coaches.

There ultimate objective is offering their knowledge and expertise for the betterment of their students. Coaching in any sport is a tough job to do. However, these professionals foster and tailor different styles of teaching to support students. As a fact, it’s seen that majorities of children rely on these role models and learn many life lessons as well. Given that, here are some of the characteristics that makes a swim coach a great person for children:

• Good communicator

Whether you’re sending your child to a school or private swimming coach in Singapore, they should be good communicators. That is, they need to be approachable and willing to listen to. They highlight the student’s strengths and weaknesses. They aren’t controlling and demanding, yet assertive and supportive.

• Self-disciplined

In order to be a great swimming instructor, they need to have a sense of discipline first. That is, being confident, fair, have consistency and much more. This would be the stepping-stone to inculcate these in children as well. Furthermore, disciplining is done individually or as a group depending on the students being coached.

• Creates safe settings

Additionally, these instructors are legally bound and responsible for maintaining a safe environment, which includes the environment. For instance keeping the premise clean, examining for broken equipment, necessary precautions to be taken in emergency situations and much more.

• Methodical and organized

Furthermore, a private swimming coach or instructors in schools or clubs need to be methodical and organized. They should follow planned weekly schedules, monthly targets and so on. They would have planned training sessions targeting various skills, in a gradual process.

• Discuss with parents

On the other hand, a great instructor would be open to communication with parents about concerns regarding the child. Or, raising awareness that you notice in a student, which is important for the parent to know. However, the coach would be making the decisions depending on what he hears, learns and understands.

You need to understand that, you cannot expect every swim instructor to have all of these characteristics. However, when you meet with a professional and you have a chat with them, you’d be able to understand some characteristics. Therefore, don’t expect these professionals to be perfect rather, examine if they identify your child’s potential and support in enhancing his swimming skills.

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