Being A Better Human

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Sometimes we grumble in life that the world is so corrupt and there is no goodness in it. All we hear on the news is wars and fights with corruption charges and murders. We grumble that good people are at the verge of extinction and that bad people are running the world.

But did you not stop to think that it is us who make up the world and if we stop and do the right thing then there will be more good people than bad people in this world? If we can’t find a good person in this world then we must be one.

So how can we be a good person or a better human being in the world? You don’t have to be a super hero or a great leader to do this. You don’t have to save the world or save lives of people from a natural disaster. To be a better human you can start in your own small way and in your own community or home. You will not get a medal of velour for what you do or even get a small thank you. But you will feel that amazing feeling of contentment and happiness that you made a difference in this world however small the impact may be.

Do little things that is within your capabilities to another human being. It doesn’t have to be the conventional giving food or money to a charity type of activity or giving out your old clothes and shoes to a less fortunate person than you. No, when you give it must mean something to you and the receiver of your kindness. You must do unto others as you would want others to do for you.

Don’t just give things you can’t wear or use anymore. Give something that is new or you would like to have yourself. See the smile that spreads across the face of a child that only wore hand-me-downs for all his/her life and never had anything new in their lives.

Give lessons to little ones who are struggling with their schoolwork. Some kids struggle with writing like this who suffer from dyslexia or some similar condition. Others can’t concentrate I school work because they have a difficult time or circumstance at home. So by helping a kid like that you are assuring them a future and making sure they don’t drop out of school.

Give children swimming lessons in your free time or use your talents and skills to help develop the community for free with help from professional trainer. Most of the best things in life are those that we do for others who cannot return us the favor.

Children swimming classes in Singapore are a great way to make sure that kids will relax and enjoy as well as to help them to develop a hobby or a skill.

Do something that will bring a smile to someone’s face. Those are the moments that is worth living for.

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