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Finding a place to stay whether on short term or long term basis, has become quite a challenge today. There are so much of illegal constructions happening that you cannot keep a trust on any of it. The sad situation is that even the genuine ones get neglected due to this. Buying your own piece of land and building a house may cost you a lot while also being a hassle and too much work on your part. It is best to provide this to the experts and buy a fully furnished apartment.

This is the most convenient method of owning a living space for yourself. We provide you the best serviced apartments Singapore monthly for your whole family to live under one roof. We have several types of it which range from single bedroom to 5 bedroom, all in one apartment unit! The prices will vary as we also have semi luxury, luxury and deluxe categories. All of these apartments are fully furnished with excellent interior designing concepts in place. They also have ample space for you to enjoy your time with the entire family, as well as to entertain guests along.

All apartments have at least two bathroom which are all fully equipped along with hot water showers and a bathtub. We have used the finest ceramic ware and glassware for the interior of these washrooms. The bedrooms are furnished with double sized beds, bedside cabinets, wall cabinets and dressing table. With all these you still have more space to add anything else of your preference.

All of our constructions have very affordable service apartments which provide the best value for your money. Our construction are built in a way that you open up your balcony to an amazing view of greenery mixed with nature. We also have a small natural reservoir and park for your entertainment. You can enjoy your life peacefully along with nature and your children are going to love this place too. If you are interested about corporate apartment rental you can visit this website http://expatcorporate.com/services/corporate-rental.

The drainage and sewer systems are constructed to give you the least trouble with regard to obstructions and smell. They are built with the latest technology. We also provide 24/7 electricity to all units and use power generators when needed. You can contact the security personnel at their guard post for any queries regarding your safety. We also provide you all the necessary numbers to dial when in need or during any emergencies. We do have an ambulance service dedicated for all our buildings. We always put your safety before anything else.

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