3 Dorm Kitchen Essentials For All

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There are no kitchens in dorm rooms at college. Oh but when was that an excuse to not eat and snack whilst staying away? What it actually says is that you will only want to find the perfect products needed to make your personal little kitchen in the little space you have. Usually, while you are busy in college, food preparation does not top your list for a number of reasons. For starters, majority of the students do not come with a big cash accounts for all of the little ingredients or supplies. On the other hand, most often times than not, they are quite occupied with either studies, hanging out with friends and well, a thousand other things.

 Therefore, these dorm room food essentials are great to have on hand to keep you full without lots of cooking or spending. Though it is not a complete myth that most of the college students live on a stockpile of instant noodles UK, we are going to find out what are the other, a bit healthier for you, budget friendly and not so boring, versatile things to have around at all times.

 Peanut Butter

It is inexpensive, everybody loves it, is packed with protein and good fat and all those good for you vitamins. It will fill you up. Crave your sweet tooth. Will work as a midnight snack. And you can even carry it around. A jar of this nut butter is extremely versatile and you will find so many places to use it in. Either a dollop on a warm bread toast in the morning, mixed with your oriental instant noodles to give it that real nutty sweet zing or just straight out of the jar while you are getting on with that assignment.


Economical. Easily accessed. Incredibly versatile and filling. Did I miss anything? You need the bread with that peanut butter. You can just shove two slices in the microwave if you are running late in the morning. You can make countless sandwiches with an innumerable amount of options. You can even tear a slice into pieces and drop it in a mug with a splash of milk, sugar, cinnamon and an egg for your own easy little French toast in a mug. Or whip up an egg, toast a slice and Voila! You just got a meal sorted.

 Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruit has not done anyone any harm. Ever! It is a wonderful little snack to have around. Well be it if you want to just eat it for a whole meal. This is something that is filled with nutrients that you will very much need as you are prone to lack on your micros as you rely your life on fast food and deliveries most of the time. It tastes great and refreshing; has natural sugars to keep you going. Make sure to build your budget for this healthy option at all times.

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