How Are You Going To Identify A Fresh Cake In A Store?

Buying a cake from a store or online is a habit that a lot of people now have due to busy lifestyles and due to not wanting to simply make a hassle themselves. It could also be because professionally made cakes taste better too! Whatever the reason, people are always seen to be crowded in a good bakery deciding what cake to buy whether it is a birthday, a celebration or simply because they are craving for good cake. While some people might try to explain how store bought cake might not be the best for you, it really does not have a lot of truth to it as a fresh, store bought cake is just as good as any homemade cake. This is exactly why you must keep in mind to buy a cake that is fresh and not old or stale. These tips will help you buy your next cake from your favorite bakery!

 Request customizations

 This is one of the best ways to make sure that the cake you buy is fresh as ever. Sometimes when you order cake online in Singapore or simply call up a bakery try to make changes on your cake so you know that the cake was made just for you just the way you wanted. Which again means you were not handed a stale or old cake that was just sitting there waiting to be bought. Even if you visit a bakery wanting an instant cake, you can still request for simple differences such as icing colors or topping changes so they will make it brand new for you.

 Butter cream not whipped cream

 Two of the most popular cake toppings to be seen on almost any cake is either butter cream frosting or whipped cream. However, whether you buy cakes online or go to a store to pick up your favorite cake, it is always the wiser decision to choose a cake that has a butter cream frosting on top instead of whipped cream. This is because whipped cream allows more air to reach the cake which then makes the cake very dry most of the time. Butter cream manages to seal the cake and keep it moist for longer

 Refrigerated cakes

 If you step in to a cakery or bakery and decide to buy a cake that is at room temperature rather than a cake in the fridge, you might be making a bad decision. Cakes that are in room temperature do not have the ability to hold themselves up for longer unlike cakes in the refrigerator. So the refrigerated cake will always be better!